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As you can see I am a newer newgrounds user... I really regret NOT uplaoding my music years ago when I actually wrote it...
So I just want to let you guys all know who I am and what I do, and plan to do on newgrounds.
I am a 20yr old male from Winnipeg Manitoba, Canada, and I've been playing piano/keyboard for over 11 years (by ear), I started off by playing tunes from video games, like the lost woods theme, you know just stuff like that.
I didn't actually start writing my own songs until about 2006, when I got my first yamaha keyboard.
In 2007 one of my buddies told me about FL Studio and that I should check it out.
I was really confused at first, with having to "Type" all my songs per say using my computer keyboard as a controller.
The first few months of using FL Studio, I was trying to make techno songs, which I have been uploading for you guys. After I wrote "TranceMission" I decided to stop trying to go techno, because as you can see, I am not very good at making "techno" or "Trance" songs...
Eventually throughout 2008, I went into a more ambient and hip-hop phase, and most of 2009 I didnt really record anything.
Since mid 2010 to present I have been using controllers (I used to use my microKorg, but now I use a M-Audio Keyrig 49) Nowadays I put ALOT of time into my work, with effects, mastering, and multi-track recording. I am self-taught with these aspects...
Since January 2011 I have been working on my main to secret project, "Prodigy", which is an album I guess, composed of over 11 songs, all different genres and all completely written, composed and mastered by yours truly, with the exception of 2 collabs I did with my cousins from Quebec and France.
As far as my name goes, honestly I used the alias "Viper" alot, and eventually I realized ALOT of people used the same name, so I came up with "Viproxi", and so far, EVERYTHING I have used this name with, was not taken. I use it because it's the only original name I ever came up with, at least as far as I'm concerned.

So anyways, to the point, I am here to share my music with everyone, even my older songs, which moslty suck, soon I will share my new stuff.
I am Sharing my music with everyone not to get paid, not for fame, or popularity, I am simply sharing my music to get it heard.

And I hope you all enjoy :)

~ Viproxi ~

Viproxi - My Music - Who I am and What I do.

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